My name is Kay.  I am a needlepointer!

I have always had a foot in the fiber arts… sewing, embroidery, weaving, quilting knitting, crochet, beading, blackwork.. even Navajo weaving.

My introduction to needlepoint was in my early 20’s and it became the thread art form I like the most.

Something so zen about solving the world’s problems in my head while stitching a great design for my home, friends and just for fun. The threads, the stitches, the canvases that you buy just to own… even the motion of tent basketweave has a soothing quality at times.

A man sitting next to me on a plane one time, watched for a while. Then leaned over and said “Oh, I see, you just fill in the colors”. I laughed and said “Yes, just painting with my thread”. Needlepoint on airplanes and hotels saved me when I had that corporate job.

Life changes and I did too. I spent 9 years working retail and marketing at my local needlepoint shop.  I started Blue Dogwood Designs in 2005, selling my hand painted designs directly to stitchers and friends across the country.  I can also create a custom piece that will add to your living room, match your rug or perhaps from artwork from your child.

Please feel free to send an email to with questions about stitchguides, canvases or a suggestion for your custom canvas.

I am a lover of all things dogwood. My yard is filled with dogwood trees, bushes, ground cover.  And don’t get me started on the BLUE thing!!

There are projects that include the fibers with portions of the stitchguide released monthly in Cyberclasses.

My best friends are stitchers,


Blue Dogwood Designs

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