Dee Frank stitched both from Blue Dogwood Designs

Ocean View

Painted canvas with kit/stitchguide

Mountain Vista

Painted canvas with kit/stitchguide

Andrea Brisgel

Her stitches and threads for Magical Moose

Fleur-ish stitched by Klina Dupuy

Fabulous beading!

Iris Round 6″

Stitched by Janet Cross

Scotch Pine with stitchguide by Jana Bendawald

Her sequins and beads are darling!

Blue Birds of Happiness – Klina Dupuy

One bird has her own flair!

Cathe Morrow – My Sunset Quilt

Cathe Morrow – Box of Crayons

Cock a Doodle Coffee

Gosh Darn – fabulous hand dyed silk ribbons

KW Patriotic Ornament with special flyer pin – her stitches!

Barbara Beasley – Red White and Blue – her stitches!

Patsy Danhof – on linen with beads and stitches. My part was to draw the outline for her vision.

Cathe Morrow finished her Well Well Well as EGC

Kathryn Stewart – My Sunset Quilt

Barbara Beasley – finished!!! Great wave stitch!

Kathryn Stewart – “Spring Sprouts”  – with finishing treatment by KEW

Fancy flowers are easy to stitch – see Video Page

Cindy Baldwin wins 1st Place!!

Sharon Mensing framed Well Well Well

Hollis Bischoff – Peacock Tail finished in tray!

Sharon LaRosa Beach ornament with beads

Dee Frank – 4th !! 13 Stars

Patsy Danhof – UFO turned into Tooth Pillow…. front

Patsy Danhof – Space Man Tooth Pocket on back

Kat’s Magenta framed in gold!!!

Kathryn Stewart Lavender Fields – love her stitch and thread choices.

Patsy’s Star Chart and custom scissor fob with Star Chart gold charm

Patsy’s Star Chart finished by KEW on bag. Small charms spell ARIES

Robin Kaufer Well Well Well pillow finished.

Patsy Danhof Gosh Darn – lace on mat

Kathleen W. Flourish – the frame!!!

Cindy Baldwin Gosh Darn on black

Lorraine Graybill  – Mah Jong bag

Sharon LaRosa’s Pumpkin

QR Code – I love my sister

Nod to Noreen H for stitching, Eileen C and her sister

That’s me!  Kay

June 2017 Trunk Show

African Violet insert into little 5 inch pillow filled with lavender

Kathleen’s Wine Glass

Tangled Rose

Mary Hesselgrave colorway

Sashiko Sampler

Stitched by Linda W

Lavender Sprig Sachet

Blue Dogwood Designs

Trunk Show 2010

Poppy Sachet with River Silks ribbon

Tangled Rose

Stitched by Linda W

Lavender Harvest

Warm day in August

Lily of the Valley Sachet by Kathleen

Gosh Darn!!

Stitched by Kay

Indigo Sachet

Stitched by Pam B

Honey!!  Give this to your honey!  KW


Mary M’s colorway

Julie C

Julie C Colorway


Kathleen’s with border framed


Threads and Crystals


Stitched by Debbie N

Grapes Sachet

Stitched by KW

Window Box

Stitched by Kathleen W

Pinecone Ginger

Kathleen W Pillow

Magical Moose

Ribbon partial detail

Magical Moose

silk ribbon kit


Young picture

Turkey Feathers

Stitched by KW

Crow in the Patch

Stitched by Kathleen W


Sandy B WIP

Red Box of Ornaments

Stitched by Linda W

Watermelon Slice Card

Stitched by Kathleen

Needlepoint Now

Featuring Blue Dogwood Designs and River Silks

WWII Memorial

Love the sky

Lavender fields


KW – her patriotic ornament with special flyer pin.  Her stitches!


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