Patsy Danhof Gosh Darn – lace on mat 

Kathleen W. Flourish – the frame!!!

Cindy Baldwin Gosh Darn on black

Lorraine Graybill  – Mah Jong bag

Sharon LaRosa’s Pumpkin

QR Code – I love my sister

Nod to Noreen H for stitching, Eileen C and her sister

That’s me!  Kay

June 2017 Trunk Show

African Violet insert into little 5 inch pillow filled with lavender

Kathleen’s Wine Glass

Tangled Rose

Mary Hesselgrave colorway

Sashiko Sampler

Stitched by Linda W

Lavender Sprig Sachet

Blue Dogwood Designs

Trunk Show 2010

Poppy Sachet with River Silks ribbon

Tangled Rose

Stitched by Linda W

Lavender Harvest

Warm day in August

Lily of the Valley Sachet by Kathleen

Gosh Darn!!

Stitched by Kay

Indigo Sachet

Stitched by Pam B

Honey!!  Give this to your honey!  KW


Mary M’s colorway

Julie C

Julie C Colorway


Kathleen’s with border framed


Threads and Crystals


Stitched by Debbie N

Grapes Sachet

Stitched by KW

Window Box

Stitched by Kathleen W

Pinecone Ginger

Kathleen W Pillow

Magical Moose

Ribbon partial detail

Magical Moose

silk ribbon kit


Young picture

Turkey Feathers

Stitched by KW

Crow in the Patch

Stitched by Kathleen W


Sandy B WIP

Red Box of Ornaments

Stitched by Linda W

Watermelon Slice Card

Stitched by Kathleen

Needlepoint Now

Featuring Blue Dogwood Designs and River Silks

WWII Memorial

Love the sky

Lavender fields


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