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Stitch-Coin Bank

The Stitch-Coin Bank is open until Christmas 2019. Purchase a canvas and earn stitch-coins that are discount dollars for future purchases. If you spend $100, you bank 10 Stitch-Coins – for a $10 discount off your next canvas purchase. Add 10 more Stitch-Coins for a $20 off your next canvas. 100 Stitch coins equals $100 […]

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Stitch-Coin!!!! It is a bank… It is a sale!!

All purchases beginning Easter through Christmas will be added to your “Stitch-Coin” bank account. For every $100 spent, 10 Stitch-Coins will be added to your account.  Stitch-coins can be banked and applied to future purchases. 10 Stitch-Coins = $10 discount on next purchase 20 Stitch-Coins = $20 off another purchase Max 100 Stitch-Coins = $100 […]

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